Tropicana Expertise

A focus on quality that still inspires

It’s over 65 years since Anthony T. Rossi began supplying premium fruit to quality hotels like New York’s Waldorf Astoria from his packing company in Florida. Now our juices grace breakfast tables the world over. But some things don’t change. We still make juice the best way we know how: with patience, care and plenty of sunshine.

Hand-selected and hand-picked

Great juice starts with great trees. Every one of ours is hand-selected as a seedling, then carefully nurtured for up to seven years before we harvest fruit from it. Our growers are hand-picked too. They choose the exact moment to pick the fruit so it’s not too sweet, not too sharp. Just simply perfect.

Squeezed never squashed

Even after it’s harvested, every fruit is individually checked and graded by our experienced growers. Within 24 hours of picking it’s gently pressed, extracting only sweet, pure juice from the ripe flesh. Then we use our innovative flash pasteurisation to lock in that just-squeezed taste.

A zest for new ideas

Mouthwatering Tropicana juice is then expertly blended with water and an extract of the natural stevia leaf*. Providing the perfect balance of sweetness to create Trop50. Deliciously refreshing, but with half the calories and sugar of fruit juice, Trop50 is our most recent example of Tropicana know-how.

*steviol glycosides are found naturally in the stevia leaf